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Floyd Collins, a native of Northwest Ohio, has been entertaining audiences with his unique blend of magic, mindreading, mystery and comedy since he was 9 years old.

As a youngster, he performed in a variety of venues, from middle school talent shows to family outings. He has performed around Ohio and the country to packed houses at Renaissance shows, theaters, private clubs, schools and corporate audiences.

While many recognizable magicians have helped further Floyd's understanding of the magical arts, he said the two major influences on his development as a performer were childhood friend Dan Harlan and the late Richard Myers.

Floyd is more than a performer. He is also a creator of magical effects; an author of books on performance, magic and mentalism; a consultant for emerging magicians and mindreaders; and a contributor to other effects and books on magic.

He is also a High School career technical teacher, who combines his passion for learning and teaching with his love for magic. This combination makes Floyd a great presenter.

Floyd's books and effects can be seen at